MODSIM World 2022 Best Paper
Title Authors
Implementation of Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Workplace Setting to Enhance Occupational Success among Young Adults with ADHD

Ms. Rachel Su Ann Lim, Dr. Kevin Hulme, Dr. Gregory Fabiano, Dr. Sandro Sodano, and Dr. Chanelle Gordon

Title Authors
Analog vs. Digital: Amplifying Feedback for Learning Mr. Nicholas Armendariz and Dr. JJ Walcutt
Boosting Cognitive Capabilities through Enhanced States during Gaming Dr. Maria Kozhevnikov
Augmented & Mixed Reality-based Modules for Scientific Instrumentation Training Dr. Michael Kozhevnikov
Transitioning M&S Courses from a M&S Engineering Degree to a Major Under a Computer Engineering Degree Dr. James Leathrum, Jr., Dr. Yuzhong Shen, Dr. Masha Sosonkina, and Dr. Michel Audette
Artificial Societies Enabling Multidisciplinary Policy Evaluation: A Health Policy Example Dr. Andreas Tolk, Dr. Bianica Pires, and Dr. Jon Cline
Establishing and Maintaining a Research Agenda for Healthcare Modeling & Simulation Dr. Brian Goldiez
Cyber Red Zone: Capture-the-Flag the DoD Way! Ms. Tashara Cooper and Dr. Jonathan Harris
Introduction of the Joint Emergency Trauma Simulation (JETS) System Dr. David Litteral, CSM, USA (Ret.)
Comparison of Collective Day & Night Shooting and Lethality Performance Dr. Gregory Goodwin, Dr. Grace Teo, and Ms. Jacquelyn Schreck
The Implementation of Virtual Humans: Rethinking Critical Thinking & Metacognition CDR Dan Davis, USN (Ret.), Dr. Jennifer Nolan, Dr. John Tran, and Dr. Mark Davis
Applying Learning Experience Design to Real-time Simulator-Based Adaptive Training Ms. Trish Mulligan-Renaud, Dr. Tim Cooley, and Dr. Ivar Oswalt
Title Authors
Implementing Zero Trust Principles to Data in Motion for Improved Security and Performance over Physical and Virtual Networks Mr. Joseph Warren
Fake Data – Real Operations Lt Col Matt Martin, USAF (Ret.)
The Need for Cyber-Physical Digital Twins for Multi-Domain Operational Studies & Analysis Mr. Steven Huang and Mr. Douglas Orellana
Development and Testing of a Virtual Reality Aviation Illusion Trainer Dr. Robert Thomas, Mr. Nicholas Nieves, Mr. Thomas Barcza, Mr. Gary Garter, and Mr. Trevor Goodwin
Data Science Team Topology: An Interdisciplinary Team Framework for AI Dr. Ralitsa Maduro, Mr. Jay Gendron, and Mr. Phil Lacasse
Advancing Electrical Grid Operator Training Through eXtended Reality (XR) Technology Ms. Diana Perera, Ms. Charis Horner, Dr. Melynda Hoover, and Ms. Stacey Sanchez
Optimal Electric Grid Black Start Restoration Subject to Threats Mr. Kevin Stamber, Mr. Bryan Arguello, Mr. Richard Garrett, Mr. Walt Beyeler, Mr. Casey Doyle, and Mr. David Schoenwald
Adaptive Camera Motion Generation for Procedural Guidance and Understanding in Virtual Environments Dr. Shan Liu and Dr. Yuzhong Shen
Enhancing Nursing Student Efficiency and Efficacy in Patient Care through Virtual Patient Simulation Mr. Thomas Santarelli, Dr. Francisco Jimenez, and Dr. Cheryl Wilson
Training Beyond 2025: A Vision for Synergizing RRL and STE Dr. George Stone and Mr. Evan Oster
Implementation of Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Workplace Setting to Enhance Occupational Success among Young Adults with ADHD Ms. Rachel Su Ann Lim, Dr. Kevin Hulme, Dr. Gregory Fabiano, Dr. Sandro Sodano, and Dr. Chanelle Gordon
Title Authors
Red Rover, Red Rover, Send an F-35 Right Over: Assessing Synthetic Agent Trust in Humans to Optimize Mission Outcomes in Mosaic Warfare Dr. Sandro Scielzo and Mr. Brian Hall
Real-Time Situation Awareness Assessment for Pilots via Machine Learning: Constructing an Automated Classification System Dr. Sandro Scielzo, Dr. Eric Larson, Mr. Nicholas Crothers, and Mr. Yash Sinha
The STRATEGIC Project: Innovative Automated Analysis Tools for After Action Review (AAR) Using AI and Modeling & Simulation Ms. Ariane Bitoun, Mr. Hans ten Bergen, Mr. James Appleby, Ms. Anne-Gwenn Bosser, and Mr. François Legras
A Neuro-Symbolic Approach to AI Agents within Simulation Mr. Samuel Griffith, Mr. Todd Griffith, Mr. Brady Kirkmmpatrick, Mr. Hudson Pepper, and Mr. Isaiah Mallery
Developing & Applying an Accelerated Learning Framework for Game-Based Training Dr. Julian Abich IV and Dr. Eric Sikorski
Warfighter Digital Twin Dr. Zhiqing Cheng, Dr. Gary Zientara, and Dr. Reed Hoyt
Online Synchronous Matrix Wargaming as a Multi-Domain Government & Military Decision Support Training Capability Dr. Wayne Stilwell, COL, USA (Ret.) and MAJ Stephen Nelson, USA
Simulating Changing Environments with Socio-Technical Modeling: An Air Combat Example Dr. Benjamin Bell, Dr. Winston “Wink” Bennett, Jr., Ms. Kristin Wood, and Mr. Fritz Ray
Old Dominion University Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Student Capstone Conference Best Papers
General Sciences & Engineering
Title Authors
Is Explainability Always Necessary? Discussion on Explainable AI (XAI) Gayane Grigoryan and Dr. Andrew J. Collins
Infrastructure, Security & Military
Title Authors
DeapSECURE Computational Training for Cybersecurity: Third Year Improvements and Impacts Bahador Dodge, Jacob Strother, Rosby Asiamah, Karina Arcaute, Dr. Wirawan Purwanto, Dr. Masha Sosonkina, and Dr. Hongyi Wu
Transportation, Business & Industry
Title Authors
A Discussion on Supplier Selection Modeling Approaches Sheida Etemadidavan and Dr. Andrew J. Collins
Virtual Environments
Title Authors
Engaging Human-in-the-Loop for Autonomous Vehicle Simulation John di Battista, Christian Johnston, Valerie Randall, and Jackson Shanahan
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